Natural Bitumen (Gilsonit)

What is Natural Bitumen OR Gilsonit?

Gilsonit is a high-strength bitumen modifier and proven for road surfaces after hot asphalt princip. It is a 99,9% pure natural hydrocarbon without proper filler content and with a melting point at about 150°C. It is a natural bitumen, a petroleum-based solid state, which gets along very well with petroleum bitumen. In the mixture of bitumen and Gilsonit, it takes to the hardness and durability of the Gilsonit, but also retains the flexibility of the bitumen. Thereafter, the low-temperature properties are not affected, it delays grain outbreaks and increases the resistance to deformation of the road construction. Natural Bitumen is a cost efffective and technically viable alternative compared to the use of Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB).

Natural Bitumen (Gilsonit) Uses In Drilling Fluid

Gilsonit has been used in the oilfield as an additive in drilling fluids. Gilsonit, in various grades and formulations, has been used to combat borehole instability problems, provide lubricity, especially in highly deviated holes, and more recently as a bridging agent to combat differential pressure sticking and provide a law invasion coring fluid. It has been well documented that appropriately formulated Gilsonit products can minimize hole collapse in formations containing water-sensitive,sloughing shales and reduce stuck pipe problems by forming a thin wall cake and an inter-matrix filter cake.
Gilsonit products are currently being widely used in water based, oil based, and synthetic mud systems worldwide. Blended Gilsonit has proved to be very effective in all water-based systems.



Gilsonit can be packed in PP bag 25kg palletized or in big bag 500kg or 1000kg.

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