Penetration Bitumen 60/70


            Standard penetration bitumen grade that is used moreover than the other qualities is 60/70. As the name implies, this grade has a penetration between 60 and 70 desi-millimeters.

            The simple definition of bitumen is:

One of the heavy derivatives of crude oil and the bottom section product of distillation tower.

            Our company believes in selecting and using the best and highest quality raw materials to produce pure bitumen and high-quality products. The thing that we, PUB-LTD Co., have been and will be committed to from the beginning.


Technical Properties

            Penetration Bitumen 60/70 has needle penetration between 60 to 70 desi-millimeters and softening point between 49 to 56  as well. This grade, 60/70 Bitumen, is a combination of Asphaltene and maltene. Also, it becomes softer when heated and hardens when cooled. This property is called the thermoplastic property.



            The main use of penetration bitumen 60/70 are in construction. Also, it is used in infrastructures and roofing. Moreover, this product has been widely used in the road construction and the asphalt industry.

The use of 60/70 bitumen in roofing, sealing, and insulating industries are more limited compared to the asphalt industry. Furthermore, Bitumen 60/70 is used as a primary material for producing a mixture of asphalt, Bitumen Emulsion, Cutback Bitumen, and Modified Bitumen (MB).



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