Penetration Bitumen 160/220


Penetration bitumen 160/220 is one of the soft bitumen grades. These grades, soft grades, are used in cold climates like northern Canadian cities. Along with controlling the operating conditions, we have been able to produce pure and high-quality bitumen, which can be referred to as the same grade. For instance, these pure and high-quality bitumens are produce from Vacuum Bottom thru the hot air in the reactor.

            This grade is classified as a soft grade. However, it still has thermoplastic property, which means that with increasing temperature, its softness increases and decreases with decreasing temperature.


Technical Properties

            The reason why we consider this grade as a soft grade is the degree of needle penetration in this bitumen. The penetration of it is between 160 to 220 desi-millimeters.

            Moreover, the softening point of this grade is 35 and 43  at the minimum and the maximum levels, respectively.


            Penetration Bitumen 160/220 is used as a raw material for insulating products, sealing and coating routes, damaged road surfaces treatment, road constructions, and as a spray bitumen. Because of its penetration degree, it can be used in special paints produced by bitumen, producing waterproof membranes, lubricants, and in many other product formulations.



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