Penetration Bitumen 10/20

Penetration Bitumen 10/20


            Penetration Bitumen 10/20 is a hard grade if this category that generally used as a paving type in pavements. Moreover, it can be used in road construction, repairing, and it’s applicable to producing asphalt mixture for coating and sealing operations.

            In general, Bitumen is manufactured from special material called Vacuum Bottom by passing through the hot air path. Also, it can be produced from crude oil after cracking and remove hydrocarbons.


Technical Properties

            Penetration Bitumen grades are named because of the penetration of the needle into the bitumen. According to this information, penetration bitumen 10/20 has penetration between 10 and 20 desi-millimeters; also, its softening point is in the range of 58 to 60. Moreover, it should be mention that all grades of this category have thermoplastic properties, same as synthetic resin materials, which get softer by heating up and gets more complicated by heating down.



            The primary purpose of using this grade is to combine it with the hot asphalt in asphalt production plants. This grade is used in bases, coating patches and routes, pavements, road construction, and repair operations. Moreover, it can be saved costs and materials used more than 30 percent compared to traditional methods.



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