Penetration Bitumen 100/150


            Penetration Bitumen 100/150 is a standard grade of this category that is known as paving type and apt for road construction and pavement production. This type of bitumen is the same as other grades manufactured from vacuum bottom raw material. Moreover, this good can be a product from the lower section of the distillation tower.

            This grade is categorized by its penetration. The relationship between temperature and viscosity is vital in determining performance factors.

Technical Properties

            This grade of penetration bitumen, 100/150, has a broader range of needle penetration compare to the previous grades. Its penetration is between 100 to 150 desi-millimeter. Also, the softening point of this grade is between 39 and 47 .

            Furthermore, it should be mentioned that this grade is a temperature-dependent product. The higher temperature, the thinner it will be. And vice versa, the lower temperature, the harder bitumen will be.



            Penetration Bitumen can play a Newtonian fluid role, unlike modified bitumen at in-service temperatures. This grade of bitumen is used in producing seals and coatings. Moreover, one of the unique applications of this grade is used as a raw material to manufacture Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) and most kinds of Emulsion Bitumen.



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