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Our Products are as all grades of Bitumen, Waxes & also Drilling products.

  • Bitumen & Oxidized Bitumen

    “Asphalt” and “Bitumen” are often used interchangeably to mean both natural and manufactured forms.

  • Drilling Fluid

    Drilling Products as Gilsonit, Walnut Shell, Sulphonated Asphalt, Bentonite, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Chloride & Caustic Soda.

  • Wax

    Wax is class of compounds that are melt-able solids near environment temperatures.

Peak Universal Business Profession

Peak Universal Business is manufacturer of all grades of Bitumen & also active in business of other petroleum products and Drilling Fluid.


PUBLTD Co insist on best quality products for its customers.


    Our mission hereby as PUBLTD is to bring out the best facility in business for whole the customers. We show businesses, organizations and working people how to boost professional effectiveness and personal enjoyment on all level and build healthy connections between work and trade.


    We intend to provide our customer best quality product with professional team in short time. Besides notify them for each step of sales operation from beginning to end. - To provide most efficient and fast transport services - To be best in both business and friendly communication - To have responsible in business - To adapt with every kind of situation And having initiative


    PUBLTD co can do shipment the cargoes both by truck for neighbors countries of Turkey And also by sea to the whole safe ports of the world.


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    No 220, 32nd Floor, Tower 2, Altinoran-Sinpash, Turan Gunesh, Ankara. Turkey.

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We believe that its very light version & Simple, Creative & Flexible Design with Standards

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